6 Ways to Treat Your Wedding Guests without Giving Them a Welcome Bag

If you have been to more than one wedding this year, you may get the sense that everyone provides welcome bags for wedding guests upon check-in to the hotel.

In fact, it may seem so “2010” by the time you plan your own wedding,  You start to wonder, “Should you ditch the idea?” Not really.  It’s a nice treat!  But, if you are looking for a new way to treat your wedding guests, consider one of the six ideas below.

A_Summer_Fruit_Sangria_PunchQuench Their Thirst upon arrival and/or on the Ride Home. Work with your caterer to serve a beverage to your wedding guests upon arrival. The beverage could be champagne, iced tea, lemonade, iced water, hot apple cider, or the signature drinks. For a last impression, have the valet parking staff place an ice cold bottle of water in each guest’s car before they return the car to each wedding guest. The water bottles can include a note card of thanks from the couple.

A_Piece_of_Chocolate_on_a_PillowWish Them a Good Night. Ask the hotel to place a note card on every guest’s pillow that says something like, “Thank you for sharing this special day with us. Sweet Dreams.” And, leave a piece of dark chocolate with your note. The note will be a nice surprise, and the dark chocolate contains serotonin, which is known to relax your body and mind.

A_Wedding_Door TagHelp Your Wedding Guests Get a Good Night’s Sleep. Leave a door tag on their hotel room doors that says, “Do Not Disturb. I’m Recovering from __________’s Wedding!” Add an eye mask and/or ear plugs, a hangover kit, and don’t forget that piece of dark chocolate!

A_Sign_For_Your_Tears_of_JoyKeep Them Comfortable During Your Outdoor Ceremony.  Do you have a couple of criers in your group?  If so, consider placing some antique hankies near your entrance with a sign that says, “For Your Tears of Joy.”  Is your wedding reception outside? Place a “comfort station or a “refresh station” near the entrance of the ceremony, and consider including the following items — Iced Water and/or Lemonade; Sunscreen Packets; Bug Spray Packets; Hand Fans; Parasols; Sunglasses; Wash Cloths soaked in Cold Water, and/or Water Misters. If it is a little cool outside, consider adding pashminas and hand warmers to the basket; and serve hot apple cider.

An_Eye_Spy_CardShow a Little Love to the Non-Dancers. Do you have a group of wedding guests who don’t like to dance? Schedule your reception to allow all of the special moments to take place before the dancing begins. Or, engage them by providing them with some things to do so. This could include a photo booth; a game of “Eye Spy,” or a game of “Mad Libs;” or even a Wedding Newsletter for your guests to read.

A_Taxi_Cab_in_TrafficMake Sure They Get Home Safely. Make sure that your wedding guests get home safe and in one piece! Place a sign on the bar with a list of phone numbers or web sites of the local taxicab companies in your area. Give the dispatcher the heads up that numerous people may take a taxi home from your wedding venue. Or better yet, give them a lift. Arrange for shuttle transportation for your wedding guests to and from the wedding venue. The shuttle pick-up and drop-off location can be in front of the hotel(s) where your wedding guests are staying.

Love and Soul Always, Kawania

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