Sweet DC: District Doughnuts


It’s Friday — the end of a loooong work week for many of us. So, how should we celebrate surviving this crazy work week? With a cocktail? No!  That’s so last week.

With a doughnut? Yes!  Everyone loves doughnuts!

And, doughnut lovers, we are in luck because District Doughnuts had a grand opening in Washington DC this morning! And, the shop will remain open until it sells out of its initial flavor offerings of brown butter, dulce de leche, Nutella bacon, and key lime pie.

Wait! Did they say “Nutella bacon!?!” Oh good heavens, I am in trouble!

The doughnuts are priced from $2.75 to $3.00 each, and they will go well with your morning cup of coffee (or that evening cocktail). It’s completely up to you.

By the way, their timing is perfect, because doughnut servings at weddings are hot, hot, hot right now.


Love & Soul Always, Kawania

(Photo: District Doughnuts)



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