8 Posts that will Help Newly Engaged Couples Find the Perfect Wedding Venue

Now that you are engaged to be married, you will have to begin looking for a location for your wedding.

Here is a list of very helpful blog posts we created to guide you as you secure that perfect venue to host your wedding day!

1. (Download) A Spreadsheet for Rating Wedding Venue Options

2. A Checklist to Track Your Wedding Venue Options (part one)

3. A Checklist to Track Your Wedding Venue Options (part two)

4. Washington DC Wedding Venues with Great Views

5. 6 Questions to Ask When Checking Venue Availability

6. (Printable) A Checklist for a Wedding Venue Site Tour

7. Dos and Don’ts for Wedding Venue Agreements

8. Basic Information You Should Have on Your Wedding Venue Contract

Happy “Venue Hunting!”

Love and Soul Always, Kay



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