8 Travel Apps to Download for Your Honeymoon

Before you finish packing for your honeymoon, check out and download some of our favorite travel apps —

1. Be Your Own Travel Agent. With the TripIt mobile trip app, you can produce a custom itinerary of your honeymoon. If you are too busy to create your own, you can send your hotel, air travel and/or ground transportation confirmations to plans@tripit.com, and TripIt will create the custom itinerary for you.

2. Conquer the Airport Terminals. I have been stranded in my share of airports around the world, so I can appreciate the value of the app GateGuru. This app, created by Trip Advisor, has a map of the airport terminals, along with the average wait time at each terminal’s security checkpoint. There is also a list of airport restaurants, along with user reviews of the restaurants within each of the airport.

3. Keep Up with Your Money Conversion. If your honeymoon itinerary includes visits to more than one country, check out the Currency app to control your money. Tip: This app can calculate the currency without the use of Wi-Fi so you might want to consider downloading the currency before you leave for your honeymoon (and while you still have access to the internet).

4. Pocket Your Own Meteorologist. Our favorite app for “hyper local” weather information is called Dark Sky. This app gives “down-to-the-minute” forecasts, so you’ll know exactly when the rain showers will start or stop in your area.

5. Catch the Latest Exhibit. If you intend to take in the local museums during your honeymoon, check out the Eventseeker app. This app lists the specific exhibitions, concerts, food festivals, and shows in the major cities.

6. Understand the Language of the Locals. If you are traveling to country where you don’t speak the language, download Google Translate. This app translates up to whole paragraphs of text or even the spoken word. Tip: Try out this app before you leave by saying a phrase into your phone in English – Then, let Google Translate repeat your phrase in the language of your choice.

7. Find a Doctor While Traveling Abroad. If you use the mpassport app, you will have access to more than 6,000 English-speaking doctors. Access to this information is free with an HTH Travel Insurance policy, or $34.95 for an annual subscription.

8. Cut Down on Those Data Roaming Fees. With the WhatsApp, you can use the local Wi-Fi (rather than data roaming) to make phone calls and send unlimited texts to other WhatsApp users worldwide.

Safe travels!

Love & Soul Always, Kay



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