Honeymoon Interrupted? Here’s What to Do While You Wait for your Connecting Flight.

Imagine this. Your dream wedding has come to an end and your honeymoon outfits are packed, and it is time for you and your new spouse to fly to a sweet location for fun and relaxation.

All is well, right? Most of the time. Sometimes, Mother Nature, mechanics or other unexpected occurrences can force the two of you to delay the start of your honeymoon while you wait for your chosen airline to board you onto your new connecting flight.

So, what should you do? Once you get the arrangements secured for your new connecting flight, check out the site, “Stuck At the Airport.”  Award-winning travel writer, Harriet Baskas created this site, and it is THE BEST resource for travelers living with delayed flight connections. It has the best list of airport profiles, along with news about the latest airport offerings and amenities.

So, what do some of these amenities include?

  • Observation Decks. There are airports located around the world with observation decks for an up-close view of the planes.
  • Airport Spas. Airport spas, such as XpresSpa, provide an upscale spa concept that is adapted to accommodate airport travelers. The services include reflexology, massage therapy, hydrating facials, moisturizing manicures and pedicures.
  • Movie Theaters. Imagine your flight is delayed for numerous hours — Some airports now give their travelers opportunities to check out a flick. Here is a list of six major airports with movie theaters in them.
  • Pet Potty Offerings. Last year, the Department of Transportation began requiring airports to create “relief areas” for service animals.  More information is available on the Stuck at the Airport site.

Travel well!  And, be safe.

Love & Soul Always, Kawania



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