Don’t Eat Your Entire Budget! The Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake is another one of those places where you can trim some of the fat (pun intended) from your wedding budget.  Here are a few recommendations to help you trim the expenses without messing with the sweetness (again, pun intended) of your wedding cake.

  1. Don’t order enough wedding cake for all of your guests. Reduce your wedding cake servings by 5-7%, and ask the banquet staff to place the servings on a dessert table instead of serving a slice on a plate to each guest.
  1. Understand that “fake cakes” are not free. The cost of Styrofoam, the icing ingredients and the cake decorator’s labor can add up, leaving little room between the cost of the fake cake and the real cake.  On top of that, you still have to purchase the sheet cake for serving.
  1. Forget the top layer. As cool as it is to freeze the top layer and eat it on your wedding anniversary, it’s much nicer to enjoy a fresh top layer that you order when it’s your anniversary.  When you order your wedding cake, let the baker know that you intend to serve the top layer too so that it can be included in your “Per Person” count.

There are numerous other ideas available.  Consider ordering a smaller wedding cake with a less expensive sheet cake or order less expensive filler desserts, such as cookies, pie and cup cakes, to complement the wedding cake.

Just make sure that it tastes really good!

Love & Soul Always, Kawania



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