We Are More Alike . . .

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A few months ago, the cutest thing happened . . .

One Saturday morning, I was on a call with a bride who grew up in a country located in Eastern Africa. We were discussing her catering numbers when she said to me, “Kay, you don’t understand! I have to order more food than usual because many people in my culture tend to come to family wedding receptions even if they didn’t receive an invitation.

Later that day I had a bridal consult. The young lady was from a Caribbean island. During our consult, she light-heartedly mentioned that her relatives would attend the wedding reception AND they would bring family, neighbors, friends and even a goat if they could get away with it!

That evening, I had a call with another client. She happened to be from a southern Asian country. Again, we were discussing her reception. She casually mentioned to me, “Kay, I need assistance planning my reception because the guarantee will be hard. In my culture, people believe the more the merrier!”

**I simply smiled and sighed.** We are definitely more alike than we are different.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Love & Soul Always, Kay



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