Event Planner Secret, Don’t Wait to Hire Your Calligrapher!


Are you thinking about hiring a professional calligrapher to address your wedding invitation envelopes?  If you are, we recommend getting on the calligrapher’s schedule before you order your wedding invitations.  In fact, consider getting on their schedule when you determine the style of your wedding invitations.

Once they receive the invitation envelopes, some calligraphers can take up to three (3) weeks to address the outer envelopes of your wedding invitations.  And, some calligraphers are booked pretty far in advance, so you may need to send them the calligrapher your envelopes BEFORE your wedding invitations are actually printed.

Of course, the end result is beautiful!  So, don’t miss out!

For more helpful hints related to your wedding stationery, check out our Wedding Stationery Guidebook.

Love and Soul Always, Kay



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