Everything You Need to Know About Sparklers (But Were Afraid to Ask)


It’s the 4th of July holiday in the United States, so I bet you are thinking about getting a good deal by purchasing some Independence Day sparklers for your wedding or party at a discounted price. Right? That’s definitely an idea worth considering, but I recommend reading our post on independence day sparklers vs. wedding day sparklers first before you purchase them for your send-off.

By the way, I was on Pinterest recently, and I found a fun post from Hallmark’s creative studio. It teaches you how to write with sparklers in your photos!

And, when you are ready to plan your sparkler exit for your party or wedding day, please read our post titled, “5 Key Things to Know When Planning a Wedding Sparkler Exit.”

Enjoy!  Happy 4th!

Love & Sou Always, Kawania

Photo #1 by Documentary Associates

Photo #2 by Leonard Poteat Photography



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