Friday Happy Hour: An Arnold Palmer for the Kids


Tomorrow is our 4th annual slip and slide party. So today’s happy hour drink is a neighborhood favorite!  The Arnold Palmer!

This unconquerable mixture of iced tea and lemonade was a southern classic way before Arnold Palmer entered the world! But who cares – Calling it an Arnold Palmer makes it taste better!

Ingredients –

  • Ice
  • One-half (½) cup Lemonade
  • One-half (½) cup of Iced Tea (my guys prefer sweetened Iced Tea)

Recipe –

  • Place the ice in a tall glass.
  • Fill the glass halfway with lemonade
  • Top with the with iced tea
  • Throw in a straw and a sprig of fresh mint and you are good to go!


BTW: If the grown-ups prefer to have a little more kick in their Arnold Palmer, consider making a second batch for the adults and adding a little vodka or rum. Yum!

Love & Soul Always, Kawania



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