Honeymoon and Vacation Packing Tips

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Trim your wedding planning stress by following some of our honeymoon packing tips.

  • Use your Itinerary to Pack Your Bags.

If you planned out your honeymoon activities, print out a copy of your itinerary and jot down your selected outfits next to each planned event.  I try to do this a week before I depart for a trip so that I have enough time for laundry or the dry cleaners.

  • Consider “Double-Duty” clothes.

Pack clothes of similar colors and texture so that you can mix-n-match your outfits if needed.

  • Protect Your Skin.

Remember to pack a hat with a brim, sunscreen, and a pair of sunglasses that offer 99 to 100% UV protection. (That goes for all skin hues — Goodness knows, I suffered from the most painful sunburn earlier this month.)

  • Get Organized.

Forward your flight, car rental and hotel reservation e-mail confirmations to TripIt.com so that you can retrieve your itinerary anytime via e-mail.  TripIt.com will also provide you with a local weather forecast, maps and driving directions for each day of your trip.

  • Pack some Money Honey.

Remember to keep dollar bills available.  You will need them for snack machines, bellman gratuities and taxi cab fares.

  • Plan to Share Your Points.

I save my Frequent Flyer and Hotel Reward Account Numbers in my Blackberry notes.  That allows me to always have those numbers at hand when I check in at the airport gate and at the hotel front desk.

  • Plan for Emergencies.

Keep a copy of your credit card account numbers and phone numbers in a spot separate from your wallet.  It will be good to have on hand if your wallet is stolen.  I also keep my family’s blood type and known allergies saved in my Blackberry too — just in case.

  • Save your toiletries for last.

To ensure that I don’t forget any of my toiletries, I pack each item immediately after I use it for the last time before I depart for my trip.  Don’t forget your toothbrush! (Lord knows, I always do! Ugh!)

Of course these tips are great when you plan your much needed vacation too!  So, keep this post in your files for future reference.

Love & Soul Always, Kawania



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