Hotel Site Visit Checklist (Part 1)

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Checking out the hotel on your own is okay, but making a site visit appointment with a hotel salesperson(and your wedding planner) is even better.

Below is a recommended checklist that you can take with you on your site visit.

General Information –

Hotel Name _____________________________________________________

Contact Person ___________________________________________________

Phone # and E-Mail ________________________________________________

Consider these checklist items for your out of town guests staying at the hotel –
1. What is the distance from the nearest airport? (Miles) ________ (minutes) ________

2. Is transportation available from the airport?  (Subway) Y/N (Shuttle) Y/N (Taxi) Y/N

3. If your wedding and/or reception is not at the hotel, will the hotel provide a complimentary shuttle for your guests? Are they willing to build the shuttle fee into the room rate?

4. Does the hotel have any restaurants in-house? What are their hours of operation?

5. Are there any nearby restaurants?

6. Is there any shopping near the hotel?  (Shopping Mall) Y/N (Drug Store) Y/N (Starbucks) Y/N

Here are some great checklist items to consider when planning for your guests staying at the hotel –

Arrival Experience, (list comments)
1. Check-in (What is the check in time? Are there long lines? Is an automated check-in system available?)

2. Check-out (What is the check out time? If an automated check-out system available?)

3. Lobby area (Is it easy to find the front desk? Is hotel staff available for questions? Is seating available?)

4. Bellstand service (Are bellmen available for assistance? Do they seem friendly and ready to assist?)

5. Front desk service (Are there long lines? Do they have ample staffing? Does the staff seem friendly and ready to assist? What is their policy regarding out of town guest bags?)

Guest Rooms, (list comments)
1. What type of rooms does the hotel have available?
King Beds or Queen Beds? Two Double Beds or Two Twin Beds? Suites?

2. Does the hotel offer Wi-Fi? Is it for free or a fee

3. Does the hotel have a Green Policy?

4. Is the hotel smoke-free?

Event Space, (list comments)
1. Condition of the ballroom (Are the walls clean and dent free? Are the ballroom doors in good shape?)

2. What is the condition of the ballroom foyer? Is it the source of major foot traffic? This maybe the location of your cocktails and you want to be sure that it is just as presentable and secure.

3. What is the square footage of the ballroom and the foyer? Your hotel salesperson can provide you with a sales kit that includes the capacity of the ballroom. This is good to know because you definitely don’t want a room that is too small or too large.

4. Overall experience (Are the airwalls soundproof? What is the quality of the lighting and the sound system? Does the room have a lot of pillars/columns?

5. How far away are the restrooms nearby? Consider your older guests when you check the distance of the restrooms.

There is definitely more to come. Stay tuned for more good questions to ask while you are on your site visit.

Take care!

Love & Soul Always, Kawania



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