How to Sit Down in a Wedding Gown


Hi there!  It’s Adriana again and I have a new wedding planning question you.

How does a bride sit in her wedding gown after the bustle is buttoned?  Who is supposed to help with this?  And, what is the proper way to sit in a bridal gown?

It turns out there are a number of different things to consider such as the style of the wedding gown and the wedding gown’s train.  Sitting in a mermaid dress, as you can imagine, can be much easier than sitting in a ball gown. Larger dresses will most likely require some assistance from your maid of honor or mother. Here are some things to consider when sitting in your gown:

  • How is your posture?  No matter what type of dress is, make sure you have good posture. It will become very uncomfortable if you slouch and your ribs will be thanking you later. Besides, you don’t want to be slouching in your wedding photos!
  • Who is going to help you site?  When you go to sit down, make sure your maid of honor is handy so she can grab your train and pull it to one side.
  • How do you go from sitting to mingling?  Ideally, you want to pull your dress to the opposite side of your groom. This will make getting in and out of your seat a lot easier as you will not have to trip over your gown to get out and mingle with your guests.

Enjoy your wedding gown!

Truly, Adriana

(Photo: Michelle Lindsay Photography)




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