Independence Day Sparklers vs. Wedding Day Sparklers


It’s the 4th of July, so I bet you are thinking about getting some sparklers for your wedding at a discounted price. Right? That’s definitely an idea worth considering, but I recommend thinking twice before you purchase them for your wedding day’s sparkler send-off.

Here’s why –

Most of the sparklers sold for the 4th of July are ten inches long. Because of its length, 10” sparklers burn for 45 seconds. In order for a 10” sparkler to work at your send-off, most of your wedding guests need to light his or her own sparkler. Given the fact that most of your guests have been drinking alcohol for the last few hours of your wedding, I am not sure you want to give them matches/lighters and sparklers.

I’ve seen some articles advising couples to get their groomsmen to light the sparklers for the couple.  Again, I ask, “do you really want your groomsmen, who have been drinking alcohol for hours, to light sparklers for you?”

Sparklers created for weddings typically burn with a golden glow.  And, that golden glow is great for your wedding pictures! Of course, the top choices in wedding sparkler colors are silver or gold – But, if you want to show off your individuality, you can purchase sparklers in several different colors, such as red, green, blue, or even multi-color. Some sparklers have a distinct burning phase that changes color as they burn their way down the stick – like a little firework show on a stick!

Golden sparklers tend to produce less smoke.  And, that is a good thing since no one wants to be smoked out at a wedding reception.

After you decide on your sparklers, here are some things to keep in mind –

Please check with your venue first! Several wedding venues do not allow sparkler send-offs, so I highly recommend checking with your venue coordinator first before you purchase anything.

Know your burn time.  Burn time is directly related to the length of your sparkler. As I noted earlier, 10” sparklers burn for approximately 45 seconds; 20” sparklers burn for approximately two minutes; and 36” sparklers burn for 3 to 4 minutes. If capturing a great photo is important to you, get the 36” sparklers. That allows enough time for your guests to light their sparklers, get in place, and keep the sparklers lit during your grand exit.

Lighting sparklers. When lighting your sparklers, use the multi-purpose lighters that are typically used to light grills. That allows some distance between your hand and the actual sparkler. Sparklers typically light easier with other lit sparklers. So, my team and I will light a few sparklers, then we encourage the guests to use their lit sparkler to light the sparkler of a wedding guest standing next to them.

Dimming the fire. The sparklers will more than likely burn out by the end of the send-off. If you need to put one out, we recommend water first, then sand. Our team typically keeps a small bucket filled with sand and a small bucket filled with water nearby to help us put out sparklers that have yet to extinguish. Please do not stick the sparklers in the trash without making sure that they are COMPLETELY extinguished! That could result in a fire.

Just in case.  Prayerfully, I have never had to use them, but we make sure that the venue has a fire extinguisher in-house. And, we keep a first aid kit, and the address of the closest hospital in our notes. Just in case.

Happy 4th of July!

Love & Soul Always, Kawania

(Photo: Leonard Poteat Photography)



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