Quick Solutions for Your Taper Candle Challenges

I love it when the event decor includes candles. The twinkle of the candlelight brings on an ambiance that you cannot achieve with event lighting. And, I love all types of candles too. Votives, pillars, floating candles, you name it. Taper candles are my favorite, though. They give a moody vibe that’s both sexy and romantic. But, just like anything else, taper candles come with their own set of challenges. So, here are some quick tips to help you keep your tapers pretty and upright.

How to Stop Your Taper Candles from Dripping. Did you know there’s an easy, peasy way to keep your tapers from dripping wax onto your table? It’s as easy as popping the candle in your freezer. Here are the steps:

  1. Place the taper candles into your freezer.
  2. Let the candles remain in the freezer overnight.
  3. Once you pull out the candles, place them in their candlestick.
  4. Light the candles. They should burn for much longer than they typically do without dripping

How to Keep Your Taper Candles from Leaning. So, I learned this tip as a wedding planner because unity candles love to lean right before the start of the wedding ceremony. It’s maddening! So, here are my recommended steps:

  1. Light one of the taper candles.
  2. Hold the lit candle over the candlestick holder to allow some of the candle’s wax to drip into the bottom of the candlestick holder.
  3. Then, press the bottom of the taper candle into the pool of warm, wet wax.
  4. Hold the candle upright in the candlestick holder until the pool of wet wax hardens enough to hold the candle in place.
  5. This should keep the candle from leaning.

Another option is Stick-Um adhesive. I like this product so much that I keep a half-ounce canister of this adhesive on my desk so I can always find it when I need it. It’s a putty that is very similar to the “warm, wax” solution I mentioned above. You place the putty into the bottom of the candlestick holder, then you hold the candle upright in the candlestick holder until the putty hardens enough to keep the candle in place.

Love and Soul Always, Kawania



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