Safety Tips to Share with Your Wedding Guests

Are you planning a wedding weekend at a hotel or resort some other type of wedding destination? As you prepare the weekend details to share with your guests, did you remember to include some safety tips?

I know you are not anticipating anything bad happening, but you always want to be prepared. So, here are some safety tips that you can share on your wedding web site or you can include it in your welcome bag.

Did you lock the door? After you arrive in your room, make sure that your door is shut and all of the locks are used.

What about the patio doors? Make sure that the sliding glass door and/or the patio door are locked. And, while you are at it, make sure that the doors connecting your room to another hotel room are locked. And, if you are on a low floor, check the windows to ensure they are locked too.

Did someone knock on your hotel room door? If you weren’t expecting them, avoid answering your hotel room door without verifying who it is. If the person says they are an employee of the hotel or resort, call the front desk to confirm.

Did you take a selfie in the hotel or resort? If that photo identifies your hotel room in any way, I don’t recommend you posting it on social media. It gives crooks your name, your description and your location.

Did you bring valuables with you to your hotel room? Make sure you lock the valuables in your hotel room safe when you are not using them. And, avoid using your house number for the safe combination. Everyone does that.

Do you know where the exits are on your hotel room floor? Take a moment to locate the nearest exit because you may need to use the stairs in case of an emergency.

Did you drive to the hotel or resort? Before you park the car or hand it over to a valet, make sure that you cannot easily see valuables, money (even coins), or luggage in the car.

Finally, if you “see something, say something.” If you see or hear anything that you believe to be suspicious, notify the hotel operator or security. Don’t worry about coming across as nosy. Your nosiness might save a life.

Have a great wedding!

Love and Soul Always, Kawania



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