Surviving Hot Weather on Your Wedding Day

Summer is quickly approaching and that means outdoor wedding ceremonies can go from “lovely” to “oppressive.” And, there is nothing we can do to control the weather — We just need to learn how to shine in spite of the weather.

Here are some tips I have found to be helpful for our past weddings:

  • Consider keeping your pre-ceremony photos inside. If you are taking pre-ceremony photos, you might want to consider moving your photos inside. It helps you to maintain your make-up, your hair, and your clothing if you tend to sweat. And, always remember that you can take gorgeous photos after the ceremony and you can take beautiful sunset photos.
  • Consider avoiding a 3:00 p.m. wedding ceremony. It’s probably going to be hot all day, but you can host your ceremony during times when the isn’t at the peak of heat. Host a morning ceremony or a ceremony right before dusk.
  • Keep your wedding guests hydrated. If your ceremony is going to be outdoors, consider serving them cold “pre-ceremony sips.” You don’t have to serve champagne. (In fact, I don’t recommend serving alcohol during high heat). You can serve infused water or a fun iced tea.
  • Provide your guests with fan and/or umbrella favors. Again, keep your wedding guests in mind. If you are going to keep your ceremony outside, consider purchasing hand fans or parasols for your wedding guests. Last year, we provided portable motorized fans and our guests loved it.
  • Book your hair stylist and make-up artist to stay until the start of your dinner reception. Wedding day hair and make-up created by professional artists and stylists typically last all day.  But, 95° heat might cause you to sweat and your styled hair to fall flat.  So, consider booking these vendors until your reception so that you can look just as fresh during the ceremony AND the reception.
  • Talk to the florist about your bouquets and boutonnieres. Talk to your florist about the weather, and ask him or her what can be done to protect the outside florals for your wedding. ALSO, if you are taking pre-ceremony photos and one of you (or both of you) are wearing a boutonniere, remember to order a second boutonniere because the flowers may not hold up in the heat during the pre-ceremony photos.
  • Make sure the wedding cake is placed away from the sun. If the wedding cake is scheduled to be on display outside or near a window, consider moving it.

Love and Soul Always, Kawania



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