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Welcome to our wedding & event planning blog! We offer valuable advice and inspiration for planning your wedding or event with heart and with soul. Welcome to our wedding & event planning blog! We offer valuable advice and inspiration for planning your wedding or event with heart and with soul.



Washington DC Wedding Invitation. Howerton+Wooten Events.

Every now and then, couples will ask me if it is okay to send an electronic wedding invitation instead of a paper invitation.  While I think electronic notices are okay for save-the-dates, I think that paper invitations still rule when it comes for your wedding.  Here’s why — 1. Your invitation sets the tone for […]

3 Reasons Why Paper Invitations Still Rule for Weddings

Escort Cards. Howerton+Wooten Events.

Escort Cards are the pretty little notes that “escort” your wedding guests to their reception seats. They typically include the name, table number, and sometimes the meal choice for a wedding guest on them. When it comes to a wedding, they are very beneficial. But, there are a few escort card snafus you can make […]

5 Escort Card Snafus That Drive Your Wedding Guests Nuts


Every now and then, someone will ask me about the difference between an escort card and a place card (and when should they use them).  If you are not in the wedding industry, it can be confusing — I must confess that I never heard of the word, “escort card” before I began working in […]

Escort Cards, Place Cards and Seating Charts. What’s the Difference?


  Are you thinking about hiring a professional calligrapher to address your wedding invitation envelopes?  If you are, we recommend getting on the calligrapher’s schedule before you order your wedding invitations.  In fact, consider getting on their schedule when you determine the style of your wedding invitations. Once they receive the invitation envelopes, some calligraphers […]

Event Planner Secret, Don’t Wait to Hire Your Calligrapher!


When you order your wedding invitations, order your thank you notes at the same time.  Your thank you notes will have the same branding as the rest of your wedding stationery.  And, you will receive your thank you notes before your wedding shower and wedding gifts come in. For more helpful hints and secrets regarding […]

Event Planner Secret, Stay Ahead of Your Thank You Notes


Last week, we listed some Holiday Wedding Planning Tips.  As promised, I have listed below some of the potential challenges you might face when hosting a wedding near a holiday or special event.  And, what you should do to be proactive. Potential Increase of Floral Expenses Valentine’s Day Mother’s Day Christmas Weather, holidays, and the […]

The Effect of Holidays on Wedding Planning. And, What You Should Do.


In a little over a year from now, we will be taking care of a couple as they get married Memorial Day weekend!  I’m sure this wedding will be a blast — this couple keeps me in stitches! Holiday weddings are joyful, but they can bring their own set of challenges.  Here are ten steps to […]

Holiday Wedding Planning Tips