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Trust Highlighted

“We are never so vulnerable than when we trust someone — but paradoxically, if we cannot trust, neither can we find love or joy”  — Walter Anderson

There is absolutely no use in hiring professional wedding vendors if you don’t trust them. You might as well make the flowers, bake the cake, hum the processional, and direct the entire show yourself. Not a pretty picture, right?

Here are six basic steps that I believe will help you to kick start a positive relationship with your wedding vendors.
Come prepared to your consultation. Even if you aren’t sure about your wedding day plans, come prepared with a set of questions to ask during your consultation. When you interview a planner, I recommend the list of questions Ohio wedding planner, Emilie Duncan prepared. In addition to Emilie’s questions, consider asking about the wedding vendor’s experience in the following areas –

  • Your wedding venue
  • Your culture (especially if your culture expects specific wedding day traditions)
  • Your religion
  • Your wedding guest size (this is crucial for planners, caterers, and videographers)

Perform a background check. Check each of your vendor’s reviews and references (the professionals will welcome references). Chat with other brides and the coordinator at your wedding venue about their experience with your preferred wedding vendors before you hire them. Do you get the sense that your wedding vendor is an ethical professional? Run away if you don’t. Your vendors will be a representation of you, so you want to be sure that you are represented well.

Make sure you share some chemistry. During your consultation, pay attention to the professional’s communication style, personality, and even the way s/he dresses. Does it make you feel comfortable? If not, don’t hire him or her. A year of wedding planning can feel like “dog years” if you and your wedding vendor don’t share any chemistry. Also, consider bringing a friend along to the consultation. They know you best and will be able to easily identify “chemistry red flags.”

Hire professionals. As appealing as it is to ask your Uncle Marty to photograph your wedding, you will fair so much better if you hire a professional with the training and experience. Plus, you can’t really hold Uncle Marty accountable if all of your wedding pictures turn out a pretty shade of pink. So, know this – Professionals have spent years honing their skills; they know the wedding planning process; and they have the experience needed to carry out your wedding day wishes with ease.

Be honest and open (quick). Every now and then, I can be the queen of “MSU.” ß (Making S#*t Up). Instead of having a candid conversation with the other party, I would determine the conversation’s outcome in my head. I finally learned that the conversations in my head were much more dramatic than the actual conversation. Don’t behave like me, and try the following: Discuss your wedding budget openly before and during the wedding planning process. Have a candid conversation with your wedding vendor if you are not happy with the level of communication or the pre-wedding work. If you hear feedback from a bridesmaid or another bride, share it with your wedding vendor – s/he will most likely be able to quickly ease your concerns.

Trust the wedding planning process. Discuss the process with your wedding vendors (during the consultation and during the contract discussion). If your life or work schedule doesn’t fit with the schedule your wedding vendor provided you, let them know right away. If their schedule doesn’t have any flexibility, consider a new vendor. If you have questions regarding the process, ask. Most of your professional wedding vendors’ processes are based on their past experiences, and they will be happy to explain the rationale for them.

Love & Soul Always, Kay




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