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Wooten_Christmas_TreeSometimes, I can be a major type A.  No, forget that – sometimes I can be a type AAA.  Oy!

I must admit that I am legendary for keeping it all together.  But lately my life (business, family, teaching) has gotten a little out of hand.  It’s so out of hand that this “Type A” has to admit that her Christmas tree is still up.  Okay, I said it.  Whew!  Before yesterday, I would not have been able to admit that but when I tearfully explained my little Christmas tree secret to my one of my best friends, Tamara (another self-proclaimed Type A), she recommended that I talk to my Type F friend.

Of course I was a little confused.  What on earth is a Type F friend?  She explained to me that a Type F (also known as an “Ef It” friend) is the friend who will view my concern, crisis and/or situation from another perspective.  Tamara explained that this kind of fresh thinking is what she needs when she is in the throes of her most “Type A” frenzy.

It’s not a person who doesn’t care (that’s a Type B).  A Type F cares or at least “gets” what you care about, but can think about it differently and actively flip it.

This, of course, made me think of a wedding consultant’s relationship with a bride.  The funny thing about this – Most wedding consultants are Type A (it’s all about the details), but we know how to be your Type F (on so many levels).

As Type F’s, we can be your Fireman.  With so many details, a bride is bound to face a fire or two. Your wedding consultant will know how to effectively put out a fire, and we know how to identify most fires before they actually occur.

As type F’s, we can be your Comic Relief.  Brides have moments when the only thing that they need is a sounding board – a “shoulder to cry on.”  Wedding consultants help you to laugh at the moments that seem huge, but really aren’t, and “breathe through” the truly challenging moments.

As type F’s we are your Inside Man.  Most wedding consultants have developed long, healthy relationships with some of the best vendors and venues in your area.  And I can assure you that those relationships are what separate the big girls and boys from the new kids when something really kooky occurs on your wedding day.  Don’t think anything kooky can occur?  Check out Soiree Laura’sexamples on her Blog.  You will easily see that “Tulle Happens.”

So, there you go.

Oh, if you are wondering about the name of my Type F — it’s my sister, Shina, of course.  And, I am happy to report that my “O Tannenbaum Un-Tree Trimming” party is taking place this weekend!

Love & Soul Always, Kay



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