Unique Ways to Display Wedding Day Drapery

There are so many unique ways to incorporate drapery into your wedding day design. We can definitely use it to help you hide the walls, but we can also use it to create a canopy or create a fun and unique backdrop. And, guest what? You don’t have to settle for white drapery either. We have use lavender, blush, red, black, taupe, golden, and one of our new favorite drapery colors is a luxe oatmeal color. Yummy!

A blush colored ceremony canopy was created for our couple by Fabrication Events.

Afterwards, that beautiful pink canopy housed the cake swing for the funfetti wedding cake created by Fluffy Thoughts Cake.

At the Sagamore Pendry Hotel in Baltimore, we worked with Fabrication Events to twist the drapery to hide the bar AND allow natural light to shine through.

At the Ronald Reagan Building, we hung yards and yards of blush drapery with Fabrication Events. It was accompanied by a ten-foot chandelier that was hung by Frost Lighting. It really transformed that space.

We have so many other ideas for drapery, so contact us and we will help you create a unique experience for your wedding day.

Love and Soul Always, Kawania

Photo 1 and Photo 2: Documentary Associates

Photo 3: Love Life Images

Photo 4: Joshua Dwain Photography



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