A Checklist for Your Wedding Invitation “Flat Lay” Photo

Do you love wedding invitation “flat lay” photos as much as we do? These are the photos where the objects — especially a wedding invitation — are placed “flat” on a table or on a styling board. Then, the photographer captures these items by shooting photos of them from above.

We are huge fans of these type of photos — especially the photograph below of our couple‘s stylish wedding invitation. The invitation was created by LePenn Designs and the photo was captured by the incredibly talented Juliana Mary.

We‘ve learned over the last year that the key to capturing a great “flat lay” shot is the placement of the invitation pieces , along with the inclusion of items that are unique, fun, and special to the two of you.

For your use, you can download our complimentary list of ideas of items nd mementos that you may want to collect for your flat lay photo. Let me know if you love this checklist and/or if you find it helpful. Thanks!

Love and Soul Always, Kawania



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