Hey there Hallmark Channel! Your brides carry their bouquets too high!

Is there a job opening at the Hallmark Channel for a wedding episode consultant? If so, I need to apply. The team at the Hallmark Channel are big on romance, but they typically miss the mark when it comes to wedding day details.

For example, the brides in most Hallmark Channel movies hold their bouquets entirely too high. In fact, some movie scenes will showcase the bride holding her bouquet as high as her neck. When that happens, you cannot see the bride’s gown; her arms look bigger; and her shoulders look tight, which makes her look tense. This is not a good look for the bride.

The actress playing the bride should hold her wedding bouquet right at or below her belly button. If she has a long torso, she should simply try to curve her arms slightly. If the actresses at Hallmark followed these tips, viewers would be able to see how the bouquet complements their wedding gowns (just like our beautiful bridesmaid in the picture above). ♥️

Love and Soul Always, Kawania

Photography: Keith Cephus Photography I Bouquet: Isha Foss Design



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