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Welcome to our wedding & event planning blog! We offer valuable advice and inspiration for planning your wedding or event with heart and with soul. Welcome to our wedding & event planning blog! We offer valuable advice and inspiration for planning your wedding or event with heart and with soul.



Stuck at the Airport by Harriet Baskas

Hi there friends! Does Mother Nature, mechanics, or other unexpected occurrences have you and your travel delayed at the airport? Check out the web site, Stuck at the Airport, by Harriet Baskas. It is the best resource for travelers living with delayed flight connections. Love and Soul Always, Kawania

Have You Heard of “Stuck at the Airport?”

Honeymoon Interrupted? Here's What to Do If Your Connecting Flight is Delayed. Howerton+Wooten Events.

Imagine this. Your dream wedding has come to an end and your honeymoon outfits are packed, and it is time for you and your new spouse to fly to a sweet location for fun and relaxation. All is well, right? Most of the time. Sometimes, Mother Nature, mechanics or other unexpected occurrences can force the […]

Honeymoon Interrupted? Here’s What to Do While You Wait for your Connecting Flight.

Beach Chairs on a Honeymoon. Howerton+Wooten Events.

Before you finish packing for your honeymoon, check out and download some of our favorite travel apps — 1. Be Your Own Travel Agent. With the TripIt mobile trip app, you can produce a custom itinerary of your honeymoon. If you are too busy to create your own, you can send your hotel, air travel […]

8 Travel Apps to Download for Your Honeymoon

Red Umbrella and the Eiffel Tower. Howerton+Wooten Events.

Travel and vacation photos are some of our favorite posts to check out on Instagram!  But, before you grab your phone, check out our list of 5 types of travel-related photos you shouldn’t post on Instagram while you are on your honeymoon or vacation — 1. Your Boarding Pass.  So many of us love to […]

5 Vacation (or Honeymoon) Related Photos You Shouldn’t Post on Instagram

Lost_Wallet. Howerton+Wooten Events.

Picture this. You are out and about at your beautiful honeymoon when you get a call from your bank. Someone is using your credit card to buy those suede boots that everyone is coveting. That’s when you realize your wallet is missing. Ugh! It’s so easy to panic. (And, no one would blame you for […]

6 Steps to Take if Your Purse or Wallet is Stolen on Your Honeymoon


Last week, we listed some Holiday Wedding Planning Tips.  As promised, I have listed below some of the potential challenges you might face when hosting a wedding near a holiday or special event.  And, what you should do to be proactive. Potential Increase of Floral Expenses Valentine’s Day Mother’s Day Christmas Weather, holidays, and the […]

The Effect of Holidays on Wedding Planning. And, What You Should Do.


In a little over a year from now, we will be taking care of a couple as they get married Memorial Day weekend!  I’m sure this wedding will be a blast — this couple keeps me in stitches! Holiday weddings are joyful, but they can bring their own set of challenges.  Here are ten steps to […]

Holiday Wedding Planning Tips


SelectWisely Translation Cards help you communicate your needs to restaurant waiters, hotel managers, open air market vendors, grocery store clerks, street kiosk vendors, and transportation personnel.

Honeymooning In a Foreign Country with Food Allergies


Packing for your honeymoon? Trim your wedding planning stress by following some of our honeymoon packing tips.

Honeymoon and Vacation Packing Tips